Italy Destination Wedding Verona

The Italian Job; an Italy Destination Wedding Verona to brighten these Winter days… there are so many gorgeous pictures! Destination wedding photography is one of our favourite things to do! Italy definitely ranks among our favourite wedding destinations too. More and more UK couples are travelling abroad to get married, usually for a guarantee of good weather, dramatic locations and surprisingly good value for money.

Jayne and Andy’s wedding in romantic Verona was no exception. It started at the gorgeous Villa Zambonina, not far from Lake Garda. It’s the ultimate in shabby chic, with the families and friends getting ready for the day ahead. We were surrounded by reminders of the aristocratic family that once lived there, including pictures of them sailing with the Kennedys. One peculiar thing we won’t forget was the copious amounts of white, fluffy seed heads floating through the air. They covered the grass, paths and swimming pool in the evening breeze.

The wedding party were whisked into the centre of Verona for the ceremony at the Palazzo Della Ragione. A beautiful museum and painted chapel in the old Town Hall, full of priceless works of art. We had time to get a few drinks at a handy taverna. The Bride and her Dad were travelling in an original and rather cute Fiat Cinquecento. It took a little while to get there stopping for refreshments on the way! They had a special permit to drive right into the Piazza and the Palazzo. It was quite something to see the crowds part for this tiny little Italian car and it’s very important contents!

Verona Street Adventure

After a sweet (and quirky) bilingual ceremony, the wedding party walked through the streets of Verona to a delicatessen for prosecco and delicious bites to eat. After arriving back at the villa, everyone settled in to a few more refreshing drinks of Prosecco. I had spotted a Poppy field just down the road in the other direction whilst scouting the area the day before. We popped Jayne and Andy into our hire car and set off in search of a quick photo opportunity.

The food was provided by Scapin the same Verona Delicatessen we called at earlier. I have to say, I have never had such a splendid wedding feast – ever! They really pulled out all the stops for this one, it also went on all evening! So thank you Jayne and Andrew and to your lovely families for asking us to your very special Italian wedding.

If you are planning an Italy Destination Wedding Verona, please get in touch. Don’t leave the precious memories of your wedding day to chance!

Once again we have a little slideshow with some of our favourite images:


Italy Destination Wedding Verona by Martin Phillips Studio

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