Orchardleigh House Wedding Photographer Somerset

This was a perfect wedding, on a perfect day and with perfect company by Orchardleigh House Wedding Photographer Somerset. We were invited to stay at Orchardleigh House Estate near Frome in Somerset for a couple of nights either side of this gorgeous wedding. In return for this kindness we happily photographed the evening barbecue and hog roast the night before the wedding day. We enjoyed eating a good bit of it too! We were based in cottages around what used to be the stable yard of this gem of a wedding venue in deepest Somerset. The morning of the wedding day started with a good hearty DIY breakfast. The excellent Ushers doing a splendid job on the bacon sarnie production line. After the girls had done some basic preparations, the whole wedding party moved up to the main house. To even more luxurious accommodation.

The Wedding Day

The girls were a perfect complement to their Bride Katie. Katie shone out in her happiness and beauty. The ceremony was held in the (tiny) church on an island on the main lake. It has to be candle lit (no electricity) and the church organ has to be hand pumped – by a very elderly lady! Vicar Brian, originally from Cardigan, with a subtle dry humour held a delightful service. The singing was pretty good too, thanks to a good showing from the Welsh contingent.

The weather had really warmed up despite a bit of a breeze, a lot better than most of the Spring and early Summer has been. The guests were able to enjoy the lovely gardens and fantastic views across the estate. The dining room was beautifully laid out with just the right amount of ‘togetherness’. It made for a good, intimate atmosphere for the speeches and followed by delicious food. Food fit for a celebration! One of the funniest moments in the speeches was by Katie’s Dad. Chris produced a Daily Mail newspaper headline from Katie’s Birth Day “Why weren’t we warned?“. This of course referred to Katie having been born during the night of the Great October Storm of 1987.

The party gets started!

The evening started with a session from the band. I have to say, when I first saw this couple (all the way from Clapham near where Katie and Mark live). I had doubts about how they would get this crowd (containing many real music lovers and festival frequenters) moving. However, I can honestly say they surprised us all with their energy and sheer musicality as they moved seamlessly from one modern classic after another. A reminder of the White Stripes at their best, everyone was dancing, everyone was singing along, Super Spokes were a huge success! Here is a clip of them singing Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros which Katie and Mark chose to accompany their first dance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iHbMHZ6ZDM&feature=youtu.be

The following morning heralded a magnificent breakfast feast to calm the most turbulent stomachs and soften the sharpest of headaches. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable Somerset wedding!

The Honeymoon

Katie and Mark soon jetted off to the West Coast of the USA for a brilliant road trip followed by a week in Fiji. Check out their cute little stop motion movie they made of their road trip… 11644629_10100299292499276_1467081881_n.mp4

Now that’s the way to do a wedding!! Thank you for inviting us Katie and Mark. Here is a selection of our favourite images from our stay with Katie and Mark and their families and guests.

The whole wedding can be viewed on our galleries, here: http://galleries.martinphillipsstudio.com/Client-Galleries/Wedding-Galleries/Katie-and-Mark-Orchardleigh-We/

Orchardleigh House Wedding Photographer Somerset